Test Bank For Marketing Management 2nd edition by Marshall and Johnston

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Test Bank For Marketing Management 2nd edition by Marshall and Johnston

Test Bank For Marketing Management 2nd edition by Marshall and Johnston

Marshall/Johnston’s Marketing Management, 2e has taken great effort to represent marketing management the way it is actually practiced in successful organisations today.
Given the dramatic changes in the field of marketing, it is a sure bet that the job of leading marketing manager’s contributions to the organisation and its customers, clients, and partners has changed at the same level. Yet, no marketing management book on the market today fully and effectively captures and communicates to students how marketing management is really practiced in the 21st century business world. Clearly, it is time for an updated approach to teaching and learning within the field. Marketing Management 2e is designed to fulfill this need

Table of contents:

PART ONE: Discover Marketing Management
Chapter 1: Marketing in Today’s Business Milieu
Chapter 2: Elements of Marketing Strategy, Planning, and Competition
PART TWO: Use Information to Drive Marketing Decisions
Chapter 3: Managing Marketing Information
Chapter 4: Understand Customers: Business-to-Consumer Markets
Chapter 5: Understand Business-to-Business Markets
Chapter 6: Segmentation, Target Marketing, Positioning, and CRM
PART THREE: Develop the Value Offering – The Product Experience
Chapter 7: Product Strategy and New Product Development
Chapter 8: Build the Brand
Chapter 9: Service as the Core Offering
PART FOUR: Price and Deliver the Value Offering
Chapter 10: Manage Pricing Decisions
Chapter 11: Manage Marketing Channels and Points of Customer Interface
PART FIVE: Communicate the Value Offering to Customers
Chapter 12: Promotion Strategy and New Media
Chapter 13: Advertising, Sales Promotion, and Public Relations
Chapter 14: Personal Selling and Direct Marketing
PART SIX: Bring It All Together – Global and Performance Dimensions
Chapter 15: Understand the Global Marketplace: Marketing Without Borders
Chapter 16: The Marketing Dashboard: Metrics for Measuring Marketing Performance

Product details

Language: English
ISBN-10: 0078028868
ISBN-13: 978-0078028861
ISBN-13: 9780078028861

Author: Greg W. Marshall, Mark W. Johnston

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