Test Bank for Essential Statistics 1st Edition by Gould and Ryan

Test Bank for Essential Statistics 1st Edition by Robert Gould and Colleen Ryan

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Test Bank for Essential Statistics 1st Edition by Gould and Ryan

Test Bank for Essential Statistics 1st Edition by Gould and Ryan

Product Descriptions:

We live in a data-driven world, and this is a book about understanding and working with that data. In order to be informed citizens, authors Rob Gould and Colleen Ryan believe that learning statistics extends beyond the classroom to an essential life skill. They teach students of all math backgrounds how to think about data, how to reason using data, and how to make decisions based on data.

Table of contents:

Chapter 1. Introduction to Data

1.1 What Are Data?

1.2 Classifying and Storing Data

1.3 Organizing Categorical Data

1.4 Collecting Data to Understand Causality

Chapter 2. Picturing Variation with Graphs

2.1 Visualizing Variation in Numerical Data

2.2 Summarizing Important Features of a Numerical Distribution

2.3 Visualizing Variation in Categorical Variables

2.4 Summarizing Categorical Distributions

2.5 Interpreting Graphs

Chapter 3. Numerical Summaries of Center and Variation

3.1 Summaries for Symmetric Distributions

3.2 What’s Unusual? The Empirical Rule and z-Scores

3.3 Summaries for Skewed Distributions

3.4 Comparing Measures of Center

3.5 Using Boxplots for Displaying Summaries

Chapter 4. Regression Analysis: Exploring Associations between Variables

4.1 Visualizing Variability with a Scatterplot

4.2 Measuring Strength of Association with Correlation

4.3 Modeling Linear Trends

4.4 Evaluating the Linear Model

Chapter 5. Modeling Variation with Probability

5.1 What Is Randomness?

5.2 Finding Theoretical Probabilities

5.3 Associations in Categorical Variables

5.4 Finding Empirical Probabilities

Chapter 6. Modeling Random Events: The Normal and Binomial Models

6.1 Probability Distributions Are Models of Random Experiments

6.2 The Normal Model

6.3 The Binomial Model (optional)

Chapter 7. Survey Sampling and Inference

7.1 Learning about the World through Surveys

7.2 Measuring the Quality of a Survey

7.3 The Central Limit Theorem for Sample Proportions

7.4 Estimating the Population Proportion with Confidence Intervals

7.5 Comparing Two Population Proportions with Confidence

Chapter 8. Hypothesis Testing for Population Proportions

8.1 The Essential Ingredients of Hypothesis Testing

8.2 Hypothesis Testing in Four Steps

8.3 Hypothesis Tests in Detail

8.4 Comparing Proportions from Two Populations

Chapter 9. Inferring Population Means

9.1 Sample Means of Random Samples

9.2 The Central Limit Theorem for Sample Means

9.3 Answering Questions about the Mean of a Population

9.4 Hypothesis Testing for Means

9.5 Comparing Two Population Means

9.6 Overview of Analyzing Means

Chapter 10. Analyzing Categorical Variables and Interpreting Research

10.1 The Basic Ingredients for Testing with Categorical Variables

10.2 Chi-Square Tests for Associations between Categorical Variables

10.3 Reading Research Papers

Product Details:

ISBN-13: 9780321836984                 978-0321836984
ISBN-10:  0321836987 
Author: Robert Gould, Colleen Ryan

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