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Microeconomics 5th edition by Hubbard and O Brien Solution Manual

Microeconomics 5th edition by Hubbard and O Brien Solution Manual

One of the challenges of teaching Principles of Microeconomics is fostering interest in concepts that may not seem applicable to students’ lives. Microeconomics , Fifth Edition makes economics relevant by demonstrating how real businesses use economics to make decisions every day. Regardless of their future career path—opening an art studio, trading on Wall Street, or bartending at the local pub—students will benefit from understanding the economic forces behind their work.

Table of Content:

1. Economics: Foundations and Models
2. Trade-offs, Comparative Advantage, and the Market System
3. Where Prices Come From: The Interaction of Demand and Supply
4. Economic Efficiency, Government Price Setting, and Taxes
5. Externalities, Environmental Policy, and Public Goods
6. Elasticity: The Responsiveness of Demand and Supply
7. The Economics of Health Care
8. Firms, the Stock Market, and Corporate Governance
9. Comparative Advantage and the Gains from International Trade
10. Consumer Choice and Behavioral Economics
11. Technology, Production, and Costs
12. Firms in Perfectly Competitive Markets
13. Monopolistic Competition: The Competitive Model in a More Realistic Setting
14. Oligopoly: Firms in Less Competitive Markets
15. Monopoly and Antitrust Policy
16. Pricing Strategy
17. The Markets for Labor and Other Factors of Production
18. Public Choice, Taxes, and the Distribution of Income

Product Details:

Language: English
ISBN-10: 0133455548
ISBN-13: 978-0133455540
ISBN-13: 9780133455540

Author: R. Glenn Hubbard, Anthony P. O’Brien

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Microeconomics 5th edition by Hubbard and O Brien Test Bank

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